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Menlo Park Library Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization established in 2005. Our sole mission is to help Menlo Park Library create lifelong learning environments where children, families, teens, adults, and seniors share ideas and experiences—and inspire each other to achieve their dreams.

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As a grassroots, all-volunteer nonprofit organization, 100% of our fundraising proceeds are used to help support and develop Menlo Park Library, including:

With your help, we can build on these successes and advance the Menlo Park Library to meet 21st-century needs. Become a Supporting Member of the Menlo Park Library Foundation today!

A gift that keeps giving

Books make great gifts. This winter, make a goal to share a good book with a friend. You’ll be glad you did.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic,” says author Stephen King.  Compact, durable, and easy to share, books have a nearly supernatural ability to conjure fresh ideas and emotions, again and again. Great books change lives, and some have even changed the world. This holiday season, share a bit of uniquely portable magic with someone you care about. Give them a really good book. And treat yourself to a gift that keeps giving — a library card.

Library News & Events

📰 👀 Menlo Park Library News and Events - November/December issue. Get 16 pages of the latest library news, events, and fun facts. Pick up a copy in the library, or read it on your mobile device. Read it now.

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