If I were a book...

"If I were a book" youth poetry celebration. 😃📚 City Hall was abuzz with youthful new energy this week. Over 200 youth poets and their families packed the City Council Chamber for the Menlo Park Youth Poetry Celebration. Contest winners read their original poems on the theme, "If I Were a Book..." All the poets received a blue ribbon and beautiful commemorative booklet. Winners received cash prizes sponsored by Menlo Park Library Foundation. The grand prize winner also received a new iPad. Congratulations to Menlo Park's amazing youth poets!

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Building a new library

Building a new library. 😃📚 We unearthed these vintage snapshots of the Main Library under construction in 1967. The photos show the "great hall" expansion, which was completed in 1968. Back then, people used to say that the library is the tallest building in Menlo Park... because it has the most stories!

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Back to the future

Menlo Park Today, 1968

Back to the future.😃📚 We found this groovy magazine article about Menlo Park's "new" library in 1968! Complete with photos of the vinyl record listening station, space-age microfilm reader, and the card catalog-- where one can "research any subject from aardvark to zythum." Then, as now, Menlo Park Library is the place where past, present and future intersect.

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