Library gets 11 million (!) books, movies and more.

Library gets 11 million (!) new books, movies and more. 😃📚 Get virtually any book you want! Your Menlo Park Library card now gives you access to 11 million titles from dozens of public and university libraries across California and Nevada. Find and request the titles you want using the LINK+ service on the library website. Your items will be conveniently delivered to a Menlo Park Library for you to pick up. (It's free.) Here's how:


Step-by-step: Request a book with LINK+

1. Go to and do a search for the title you want. In the example, we typed "Midnight Lace" in the search box and changed the search type dropdown box to "Title."

2. Click the "Search Catalog" button to execute your search. This will take you to the library's catalog page. Here's a screenshot of the results from our "Midnight Lace" search:

3. Click the link labeled "Try your search in LINK+ >" located near the top of the page. This will take you to the LINK+ portal showing a list of available titles. Often you will see multiple listings for the same title. This is due to slight variances in the individual catalog listings among the 70+ different library systems. You can click through to explore the various listings and find an item that is available for requests. (LINK+ only fulfills requests if the item is immediately available on the shelf at the time you place the request, in order to deliver on the 5-7 days fulfillment promise.)

In the next step, we're going to fast forward to a listing we've chosen after exploring to find an item that is available for requests.

4. In our search example, we're going to select the fourth listing from the top (not shown in the above screenshot) that says "2 libraries have this title." The reason we chose this listing is because the system says these items are available for request. To request the item, click the "Request it" button. That will open a pop-up window with headline "Requesting this LINK+ title" where you will log in with your library card:

5. Use the drop down menu to change the library to "Menlo Park Library", then click "Submit"

6. Enter your name and Menlo Park Library card number, then select your pickup location and click "Submit".

After you complete the request, you should land on a confirmation page, and your item will be delivered for you to pick up in a week or so. You will receive an email notification when the item is ready for pickup.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Library's Information Desk at 650-330-2520 and a librarian will be happy to help you.

Ready to try your own search? Here's a handy button that will take you directly to the library's online catalog:

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