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  • Erin Tiedens
    shared 2022-08-05 15:07:52 -0700
    I’m a Menlo Park Library supporter because I believe in access to information for all
  • Judith Vineyard Roach
    shared 2020-06-03 19:50:53 -0700
    I believe in lifelong learning for people of all ages.
  • Angela Jaime
    shared 2020-04-23 08:57:47 -0700
    Menl Park Library is a Magical place! I love bringing my preschool class for a special reading time!

    Thank you!
  • Margaret Race
    shared 2020-04-19 11:55:41 -0700
    What’s ‘community’ without Libraries?

    Love those books….
  • Jacqui Cebrian
    @jsquared2k3 tweeted link to this page. 2020-04-10 19:43:42 -0700
    I'm endorsing Menlo Park Library Foundation. Please join me!
  • Jacqui Cebrian
    shared 2020-04-10 19:41:26 -0700
    Libraries are like the community front porch. And they provide access to all the worlds imaginable through books.
  • Aaron Wax
    shared 2020-02-26 13:29:21 -0800
    I love the library! Happy to donate!
  • Marita O'Reilly
    shared 2020-01-28 17:29:53 -0800
    The Menlo Park Library is such a rich resource – many, many good books, interesting displays, helpful staff and so many new programs and activities. I just love it!
  • Lori Jones
    shared 2020-01-17 08:04:54 -0800
    Our libraries open up worlds of imagination, understanding and hope for people from different backgrounds, places, ages and experiences.
  • William Nugent
    shared 2020-01-16 09:05:25 -0800
    I’m a Menlo Park library supporter because I value knowledge and community.
  • Maria Heredia
    shared 2020-01-11 07:44:35 -0800
    My experience in the library is one of total gratitude and especially to the program of learning computer programs and English language learning.

    Whenever I need to learn something new very kindly, I get help.

    The library of Menlo Park has been and is a place that is characterized by its professionalism and kindness and helps many people to grow in education as well as in the language, something so necessary and essential for the people that come to this country.

    My total gratitude to all the people who work there and I am available for what the library needs.

    I love the Library.
  • Ann McQueen
    shared 2019-12-29 18:05:40 -0800
    I have loved the Menlo Park Library for over 38 years …… I was a Library Commissioner when the library was remodeled and we built Belle Haven Library. I am very happy with the plans to enlarge and improve that library!!

    I am a retired librarian so I love the Friends Bookstore for quality books with my reduced income!!! And I use the library to get books for the storytimes I do at Ronald McDonald House and for the children in my neighborhood.
  • Susan Bass
    shared 2019-12-22 11:40:48 -0800
    I love the Menlo Park library because it is arranged in such a way that the new books or the ones with a theme are so well placed that they entice me to try new things.

    I also love it because it has something for everyone. The resource people are lovely.
  • Carol Cruikshank
    shared 2019-12-07 12:34:31 -0800
    I love the many services that the library offers, including a space to tutor my students learning English.
  • John and Amy Boggs
    shared 2019-12-03 22:57:13 -0800
  • Jane Paulson
    shared 2019-12-01 13:15:42 -0800
    The library is a wonderful resource for our community
  • Margaret Race
    shared 2019-11-30 17:16:52 -0800
    Growing up in Boston, the local library was part of my life— through school visits and storytelling events, summer book club reading, and visits on my own as I got bigger. Libraries are a place for lifelong learning, community building, and personal growth. Glad to be a part of Menlo Park’s Library plans— now and into the future.
  • Katie Hadrovic
    shared 2019-11-25 12:08:05 -0800
    When I moved to Menlo Park in 2000, the library was the first place my children and I went in our new community. We continued going, at least once a week, to check out books, listen to story time, attend community events, and learn about our world. Now, my kids are grown and gone and I still find myself at the library time and time again. I am excited about the future of the library. I love poetry contests, little free libraries, trivia night, learning events, friends book sales, project read, homework tutoring, informative exhibits, and most especially a staff that makes me feel like I’ve come home every time I walk through the doors.
  • Susan Bernhard
    shared 2019-11-24 14:28:29 -0800
    I’m a member of the MP library, because our library is a gem and I feel the need to invest in it. The library provides books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, and offers us a place to read, research and study. Love the special programs for kids too. The Main Branch could benefit from having 1 or 2 free, reservable, study rooms where 1-8 people could meet and chat quietly (for example neighborhood book groups), but I recognize there is limited space in this facility. Best wishes!
  • Jagdip Powar
    shared 2019-11-24 12:07:34 -0800
  • Sally Keep
    shared 2019-08-18 20:12:09 -0700
    My husband and I love walking over to the Menlo Park Library. One day we met Lumberjack carving the owls. It was fascinating and we stayed watching and talking with him for a long time. I love libraries as I worked in the Children’s PA Library. The children are so great and love books. Having the Duck Pond near by is big plus for us.
  • Sheila Warren
    shared 2019-06-09 19:09:25 -0700
    The Poetry contest was a wonderful contest! I was so amazed how many Laurel students entered—I didn’t know that many were even interested in poetry. Because of the Poetry contest, I am developing a whole poetry unit to do with library classes next school year in hopes of continuing to foster their interest in poetry. Thank you MP Library!
  • Katherine HaffnerZoccatelli
    shared 2019-06-07 12:34:57 -0700
    Kids love good, healthy competition and the Poetry Contest was a great source of motivation for my Fourth Graders to be creative!
  • Chyanne Robinson
    shared 2019-06-06 19:59:59 -0700
    The youth poetry contest meant a lot to me because I’ve never shared out my poetry for and especially would’ve never tried. A huge thanks to my Principle at Oxford Day Academy who pushed and helped me find ways to make my writing stronger and have a meaning to other students/millennials who may have gone through some of the pain I’ve went through.
  • Megan Lam
    shared 2019-06-06 18:47:26 -0700
    I’m a big supporter or acceptance, in whatever positive way available, to every single individual on this planet. We share it, and it’s the only one we have. Libraries and writing is a way to express important opinions. Through fictional forms, authors can still portray important ideas such as the negativity of discrimination (racism, feminism, homophobia, and many more subsections of discrimination can be found in books, as well as other works of fiction, and even nonfiction. Libraries are always welcoming and encouraging, and this contest just shows that a diverse group of people can make a change. Not just for themselves, but for people around them as well.
  • Kanak Vanam
    shared 2019-06-06 18:40:11 -0700
    The Menlo Park library poetry contest is important to me because it has given me a chance to realize that nothing ever comes easy. You have to work for it. All you can do is try really hard and have fun! I also liked this event because it gave me a chance to show off one of my favorite skills-poetry! I really enjoyed this event and I hope l get to enjoy this fun event next year! -Kanak.
  • Angelica Lopez
    shared 2019-05-28 00:02:54 -0700
    Little library really change my live I’m a 45 years old, I’m a nanny an it was really amazing for a nanny that Barely know how to speak English to ready heard books . So with this little library s I I can borrow some books an take to my house and practice and I think I can ready to my little ones know 😊 thank you so much to the community that offer this great opportunity .
  • Frank Perlroth
    shared 2019-05-14 19:55:41 -0700
    I have enjoyed the services of the library for many years and would like to contribute to literacy in the community for those who need reading skills, or in some other capacity that you might need (eg. delivering books, etc
  • Constance Got
    shared 2019-05-10 12:34:31 -0700
    Love going to this library for the last 30 years. Welcoming atmosphere and so easy to find books, DVD, CD, etc. I must always have a book in my hands!
  • Marilyn Holland
    shared 2019-03-25 13:41:49 -0700
    I have been coming to the Menlo Park library for over 20 years. The library staff is always so helpful. I am able to get the most current books in a simple and efficient way. There is always a pleasant atmosphere in this library. As a lover of hand held books, I have actually named a donation in my trust to this library. May they thrive!!
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