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  • Hannah Da Rosa
    shared 2019-02-25 16:32:55 -0800
    I love taking my baby to the library. We go to story time and have enjoyed getting to know the librarian, Jeneen, who runs it. We also spend time in the kids room, with my little one crawling around, looking at board books, playing with the blocks, and meeting other kids and parents. I have also found all of the parenting books we have from the “friends” bookshop. I can’t imagine what our first year with our little one would have been like without a FREE place to go and enjoy.
  • Christina Macintosh
    shared 2019-02-25 16:23:56 -0800
    Among all the usual library services, I really enjoy the displays at the entrance. They are unique and informative. I love this way of sharing unusual info about the community and other topics.
  • Polly Jensen
    shared 2019-02-25 16:11:21 -0800
    I not only am a satisfied patron of Menlo Park library, I also am privileged to be an employee. The staff looks for opportunities to go above and beyond. We inspire each other to satisfy our patrons’ needs, whether it be to source information for a school project, to discover a wonderful book or to attend our very popular storytimes and programs. Our patrons are the best part of the day. Together we create special moments that reinforce our mission and our commitment to public service. Staying relevant in a high tech world!
  • Yoshi Oribe
    shared 2019-02-25 15:54:10 -0800
    I like the jigsaw puzzles that they often have for patrons to complete. I have struck up pleasant conversations with others in trying to figure out where the pieces of the puzzles fit.
  • Paul Kick
    shared 2019-02-25 15:14:58 -0800
    I love being able to walk from my home to the Main Library and enter the zone of quiet, respect, and learning. The materials are up to date, organized, and usually right where they belong. Even if I don’t know exactly what I want to pick up when I walk in, I always leave with something great.
  • Maria Amundson
    shared 2019-02-25 15:02:40 -0800
    Libraries are essential public spaces. They are free, egalitarian, and enriching environments for all. I love stopping in to the Menlo Park Library every few weeks, and I appreciate the ways that the librarians make it easy to explore, find, check-out and track books, and to consider the reviews and opinions of other readers.
  • Jose Guadian
    shared 2019-02-25 14:54:15 -0800
    What is not to love about the Menlo Park Library? I love Menlo Park Library because is the door to knowledge for everyone, you can travel, learn, enjoy and dream big in this essential institution of our community. Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers, keep up the good work!!
  • Sandra Pursell
    shared 2019-02-25 14:41:02 -0800
    I love Menlo Park library because the staff is knowledgeable and helpful in locating even rather arcane books not in their collection. The reference staff rescues me cheerfully when I get tangled in the Peninsula Library computer system. Bless them!
  • Terry Fuqua
    shared 2019-02-25 14:12:43 -0800
    I like to touch and feel the books I read. MP Library is an excellent source. It’s a great place to go when you need to concentrate and get a project completed. I enjoy bringing my grandson to search for just the right book. Also like the children’s books for sale. YOU ARE NEEDED!
  • Susan Bass
    shared 2019-02-25 14:10:45 -0800
    I love the Menlo Park library because it is arranged in such a way that the new books or the ones with a theme are so well placed that they entice me to try new things.

    I also love it because it has something for everyone. The resource people are lovely.
  • Brad Anker
    shared 2019-02-25 13:43:26 -0800
    I enjoy and appreciate the wealth of titles available in the library system. The ability to search for titles or authors and then get into a visible queue makes my searches fruitful and efficient. The checkout process is a breeze and the new renewal system is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  • Amy Carey
    shared 2019-02-25 13:29:00 -0800
    I love how technology makes finding and borrowing and renewing and requesting so easy. It is such a gift!
  • Sue Khavari
    shared 2019-02-25 13:12:57 -0800
    Libraries have always been a second home to me ever since I was six, 74 years ago. The kindness and helpfulness of librarians is a part of their professional training. This atmosphere of caring is expressed in their dedicated service, whether providing scholarly resources or suggesting entertaining light fiction. My career was spent as a academic law librarian and now, in retirement, I feel very fortunate and grateful to be a patron of the excellent Menlo Park Public Library.
  • Sheryl Nonnenberg
    shared 2019-02-25 13:11:36 -0800
    Going to the Menlo Park library is a weekly effort for me. I often have books on hold – a great benefit that allows me to read the latest best sellers without adding to my home library – and it is always fun to see what is on the shelves in New Mysteries. I also enjoy the bookstore, where I have both purchased books and donated my old and unwanted tomes. The MP Library is an essential institution in our community. A look around proves that people of all ages, genders and walks of life use and enjoy our public library. I am a big fan!!
  • Revathi Santhanam
    shared 2019-02-25 13:09:42 -0800
    I love the library. The books give me so much joy. The staff is incredibly nice and eager to help. I cannot imagine a world without this library.
  • Jeff Decurtins
    shared 2019-02-25 12:41:03 -0800
    The library helps me feel good about this community when I show up a little before opening time and there’s a small crowd just waiting to get in. That’s gotta be a good sign.
  • Carol Blitzer
    shared 2019-02-25 12:24:34 -0800
    While I was volunteering for Project Read and helping an elderly woman improve her English skills, I started accessing the Menlo Park Library on a regular basis. I belong to two and a half book groups and found access to books SO easy with the intra-library circulation system. Thanks!
  • Donna Terman
    shared 2019-02-25 12:15:38 -0800
    Every time I walk in the Menlo Park library, I take a moment to lose myself in the wonderful stained glass window over the entrance. Being a child, reading a book under a tree — even 50 years later, there’s no better feeling. Sometimes I just reserve something online, and run in and out of the library. Other times, I spend a few hours in the stacks and magazines, whiling away an afternoon. It’s the best.
  • Casey Scherm
    shared 2019-02-12 06:23:04 -0800
    Ever since we moved here from NYC 27 years ago, I have been a fan of the Menlo Park Library. The selection of books and other resources is extensive, the staff are always professional, courteous and eager to help, the hours are convenient and the accompanying online services complement the physical library perfectly. I am very excited by the plans to expand our libraries in Belle Haven and the main branch on Alma to help keep Menlo Park the vibrant community that has been for the past 27 years.
  • Dana Beausang
    shared 2019-02-11 18:47:39 -0800
    What our family loves about the library is that it has lots of comics. Our favorite thing to do at the library is read comics!
  • Jaejean Kang
    shared 2019-02-11 18:36:30 -0800
    What I love about the library is that it has so many Spanish books to help my child with Spanish immersion. Another of our favorite things to do at the library is to pick out DVDs.
  • Karin Sargis
    shared 2019-02-11 18:32:20 -0800
    What I love about the library are all the wonderful educational and cultural programs, workshops and events.
  • Allison Jagtiani
    shared 2019-02-11 18:28:33 -0800
    Our favorite thing to do at the library is to reserve our favorite books! We love the staff that is so friendly and helpful. We attended a Valentine-making event and it was fabulous and it sparked creativity. Thank you!
  • Betsy Halaby
    shared 2019-02-10 20:19:44 -0800
    The library is the heart of our community and a treasure to support.
  • Lynne Fovinci
    shared 2019-02-08 14:28:37 -0800
    I have been a bookworm since I was very young child. To me, libraries have always meant a source of great stories and doors into other worlds. Modern libraries have adapted and changed with the times, and now offer a range of resources to their communities – books, e-books, movies, music, access to computers and the internet, community programs in reading, arts, music, and more. I support the Menlo Park Library Foundation because I want to see the Menlo Park Library system continue to modernize. We need these welcoming public spaces that offer an enormous variety of resources and programs that strengthen our community.
  • Elyse Stein
    shared 2019-02-07 09:54:24 -0800
    I’m a Menlo Park Library supporter because I want free, public libraries to be available for this generation and the next. Libraries have contributed immeasurably to my life, and I want everyone to experience that benefit.
  • Monica Corman
    shared 2019-02-06 19:49:06 -0800
    There was an inviting branch library near my house when I was growing up. In the summer especially, we would walk to the library and stay for a long time selecting books to take home. I remember wishing I could stay and read them all. It was wonderful to have many summer days to read, free from the regimen of school. Whenever I go to the Menlo Park Library I am reminded of these childhood experiences and feel the same urge to get lost in the stacks and select whatever I want. I’m sure others do too and for this reason, and many others, I strongly support our libraries I want to make sure the Menlo Park libraries are the best they can be, just waiting for that child, teen or adult to discover the valuable things they contain..
  • Sean Reinhart
    shared 2019-02-02 05:55:00 -0800
    For nearly 20 years, I’ve had the privilege to witness the transformative power of the library to change people’s lives first-hand. From early childhood education programs to adult literacy services to lifelong learning for seniors, the library is central to our community’s future health and success. The Menlo Park Library staff does an awesome job, seven days a week, to provide these essential, high-quality services to our community. But we could not do all we are able to do without the support of our amazing corps of volunteers — everyday people who want to make a difference in Menlo Park though our partner nonprofit organizations like Menlo Park Library Foundation. These extraordinary volunteers are richly deserving of gratitude and support for the good work they are doing to help Menlo Park thrive.
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